Food & drink

Our Preschool values snack and lunchtimes as an important part of our day. Eating represents a social time for children and adults whilst learning about healthy eating. We provide nutritious, fulfilling food, meeting the requirements of the individual children’s dietary needs.


Information about children’s dietary needs are sought on the enrolment form. Medical proof from parents is sought when necessary. i.e. allergies

Parents sign the enrolment form, confirming that all information given is correct.

Records are kept up to date, and parents sign to confirm.

We have a green noticeboard in the snack bar area which holds the individual plans for the children with dietary requirements. All staff and volunteers are told this on induction.

Children only consume food and drink which meet their needs and wishes of their parents.

Choices of fruit and vegetables are provided daily, limiting quantities of fat, sugar, salt, additives, preservatives or colourings.

Food that children are familiar to is provided, taking into account the cultural backgrounds of the children, whilst also introducing new food to experience.

We take into account the dietary rules of religious groups or other cultures, vegans and vegetarians and food allergies.

Staff must show sensitivity and not single out a child for its diet or allergy.

Snack times are provided in a way that they are social occasions for the children to experience.

We encourage independence through selecting their own snack, and clearing up after themselves. Correct utensils for ages and stages are available when necessary.

Semi-skimmed Milk and Water are made available throughout the day. The children are encouraged to select their drinks independently. 

Parents are given advice about healthy eating and drinking. Milk and water are promoted as the healthiest.

Parents are aware of where the lunch boxes are stored and are given suggestions for a healthy lunch box.

Food is not allowed to be shared or swapped amongst children.

This policy was adopted at a meeting of Rainbows Preschool.

September 2021