Equality & diversity

Our Preschool is committed to providing equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all children and families. We will provide a secure environment in which all our children can flourish and in which contributions are valued. We will provide positive non-stereotyping information about ethnic groups or people with disabilities and improve our knowledge in these orders. Inclusion will run through all aspects of our Preschool.

The legal framework is:-

Equality Act October 2010

Race Relations Amendment Act 2003

Sex Discrimination Act 1986

Children Act 2006 and 2014

Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2014



Our Preschool is open to all members of the community.

We advertise our service widely.

We reflect the diversity of members of our society in our publicity and promotional materials.

Our information is clear and concise, whether spoken or written. Alternative languages will be sought as necessary.

We will not discriminate any child with a disability and refuse them entry. We ensure they can take part in all parts of our curriculum and activities.

Our Equal Opportunities Policy is made aware to all members of the setting.


When required, vacancies are advertised and applicants are judged against explicit and fair criteria.

The person best suited to our setting and meets all the criteria is offered the post, subject  to references and DBS checks.

Job descriptions include a commitment to equality and diversity as part of their specifications.

We monitor our application process to ensure that it is fair and accessible.


Our staff are encouraged to develop their practices through training opportunities.

We review our practices to ensure that we are fully implementing our policy for equality and diversity.


We like to encourage children to develop positive attitudes towards people who are different from themselves. We encourage empathy and the skills of critical thinking.

This is done by: 

Making children feel valued and good about themselves

Ensuring they have equality of access to learning.

Reflecting a wide range of communities within our resources.

Avoid stereotypes or derogatory images in the selection of materials.

Celebrating a wide range of cultures.

Creating a place of mutual respect and tolerance.

Helping children to understand that discriminatory behaviour and remarks are unacceptable.

Ensuring our curriculum offered is inclusive of children with additional needs and those whose first language is not English.

Valuing Diversity in Families

We welcome diversity of family life and work with all families.

We encourage children to contribute stories of their everyday life into the Preschool.

We welcome contribution from parents/carers and welcome contribution from other cultures and languages.

Payment of fees can be made flexible when necessary.


Information of medical, cultural and dietary needs are sought from parents on joining our Preschool.

We encourage children to learn and respect different ranges of food, cultural approaches to mealtimes and eating differences.

This was adopted at a meeting of Rainbows Preschool

September 2021