Code of conduct

Rainbows Preschool is a welcoming, supportive and inclusive preschool and we pride ourselves that we work together with our parents and community. We are fortunate to have supportive and friendly parents and carers. They recognise the process of education is a partnership between school and home, therefore we have a good working relationship to ensure this.

Parents and carers are allowed onto the school premises by permission of the preschool leaders. This can be withdrawn if necessary. All visitors must sign in on arrival.

Our expectations for parents and carers

  • Setting a good example in their own speech and behaviour towards all members of the preschool, both on the premises and adjacent areas.
  • Working together with staff for the benefit of the children
  • If a issue cannot be resolved, a formal complaints procedure should be followed
  • Ensure feedback is kind, helpful and specific.
  • Only contact Preschool during work hours and we reserve the right to answer or return calls if preschool is not in session.

Not tolerated:

  • Disruptive behaviour
  • Loud or offensive language or displaying temper
  • Threatening, intimidating or aggressive behaviour towards another adult or child
  • Actions that could constitute an assault with legal consequences
  • Actions or comments that cause mental or emotional abuse of staff
  • Threatening emails, phone, text or social network messages relating to the school
  • Smoking or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Damaging or destroying preschool property.

We may prohibit an offending adult from entering school grounds to safeguard our staff and children. Adverse behaviour may be reported to the police.

This Code of Conduct was agreed by Rainbows Preschool Ltd

December 2021