Our existing Policies and Procedures of the setting remain, however these adaptations that are necessary supersede previous policies.

This policy is effective immediately and is based on government guidance and will keep everyone safe if we all adhere to it. We continue to take action to prevent the spread of Covid 19 within our setting.


We continue to aim to protect staff, children and all families connected to the preschool.

Arrival at Preschool

Parents can continue to enter through the back gate until further notice. You will be notified if and when we decide to use the front entrance.

Trolleys will be placed outside weather permitting. 

Children will continue to wash their hands on arrival and say good-bye at the door, whether this is the front or back door.

We recommend using a face mask if you need to enter the building.

Collection from Preschool

Collection will take place at the back gate until further notice.

Messages and signatures will be completed at the gate, privately.

Your keyperson will be available on your request, if possible, if not then arrangements will be made for you to hold a discussion either face to face, email or telephone call.


Tapestry is now our main route of information to parents. Please check it regularly.

Accident forms will be placed into your child’s bag. Accidents at home still need to be notified to staff on arrival and form completed.

We will continue to promote positive behaviour, something we are very good at! We will however, take into consideration any disruptions that Covid may have had to family life.

Staff in early years settings are now not expected to continue taking part in regular asymptomatic testing. Testing will resume in the case of an outbreak.

Children with key symptoms should not attend the setting and we will take the decision to refuse entry to your child if we believe they have a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19. We realise that self-isolation is now not under the government guidance, but we would really appreciate it if you gave consideration to the other children in our setting, the aunties and their families. 

Up to date symptoms can be found on the website. 

This policy was adopted by Rainbows Preschool

February 2022