Dear Parents/Carers

We hope you have all enjoyed your half term break.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the new building. The children and aunties are certainly enjoying the space. Everything is a bit calmer, the children are behaving really well and seem very happy. There are a few teething problems but hopefully these won’t take long to rectify. We now have a door bell, so you won’t have to call us from the car park! If you have any concerns with the new set up please come and speak to one of us!

Installation of the internet has become a problem, but hopefully will be installed very soon. Therefore, we cannot access Tapestry whilst at preschool. We do however check up on it at home when time allows! The aunties are still making observations and putting them onto Tapestry in their own time.

A massive thank-you to the parents that helped us move our boxes, our huge pieces of furniture and for the two parents that helped us move on the day. All of your help was very much appreciated and invaluable.

A huge thank-you also to Isaac Hall’s talented dad! He has revamped our playhouse so we can now use it again! The children love it. They have played shops as well as doing the washing and ironing!

We are now entering our last half term of this academic year, traditionally a very busy term for us with all the school transitions and teacher visits that occur!

We hope the children have enjoyed the P.E. sessions. We have two more on 21st June and 6th July.

Over the next few weeks we will be emailing you our annual questionnaires. We take all responses very seriously and use any suggestions to develop our provision each year. We will also make sure that you are made aware of any changes that we feel are necessary.

Hopefully the carnival props are well under way. If you still need to make anything come and look at the carnival board or speak to Isaac or Ella’s mum. Hopefully you would have all now received the carnival update letter via email. If not speak to one of us. More help is still needed for setting up and dismantling. If your child is participating please help in anyway you can.

If your child is starting at Fair Oak Infant School you would have all had a note explaining the arrangements. For all children not attending school the afternoon remains unchanged.

Children that are attending Bishopstoke will have their class visit with 2 aunties on Tuesday 3rd July. We need all of you to meet at the school gates with your children at 0920.

If your child is attending a different school to these, please ensure you pass on Jacqui or Lynn’s phone number to discuss the transition into school.

We have a Bags2School collection on Monday 2nd July. All bags need to be here for 9am. Some of you didn’t have bags, we were short, but any bag can be used.

Our preschool picnic will be on Thursday 19th July, 12.30, at Rainbows. It would be lovely for as many of you as possible to attend. If your child is at Rainbows and you are not able to join us, the aunties will take responsibility for your child. This will happen whatever the weather! Don’t forget to bring your picnic! Siblings welcome.

The school leavers party will be on Friday 20th July at 0945.Return to say our farewells at 11.45. Invitations will be sent out soon.

Please can we also ask you if possible to apply your child’s suncream before Rainbows. It saves us a lot of time and the children can get outside quicker.

Can we also ask that sensible shoes are worn to preschool. No flip flops or crocs please.

Once your child leaves Rainbows you will be unable to access their Tapestry account. If you wish to print off any pictures or observations you will need to do this before 31st August. Export the photos into PDF’s before printing. Last year we were able to organise the tapestry accounts to be put into book format, we will hopefully be doing the same again this year. The cost last year was between £15 and £20.

Can we remind you also of our opening times.  We open at 0830. Anyone needing this will have to either pay for the extra 45mins or use their funding. Our opening times for everyone else is 0915. We close at 3.15, unless you have organised a 4pm pick up which again has to be paid for or use your funding.

For those of you that are entitled to 30hrs, we would like to remind you that we will be unable to offer 30hrs but we are happy to discuss your individual needs. The most popular seems to range between 18 & 21 hours, which we are at the moment able to do. You still need to apply for 30, even if you use less.

As most of you now have the Rainbows jute bags, we would like to suggest what is put in the bag for use at preschool.


Wellington boots

Wet weather coat






Hat and gloves in winter

Sun hat in summer


We do intend using our outside space and the woods on a regular basis and as our box of spare clothes is disappearing we thought it would be easier for each child to have their own. We also need you to check your child for ticks as we begin to use the woods more often. We will monitor the ticks and if it becomes a problem we will change the way we do our wood walks.  Have a look at the NHS website for more advice.


For those of you that are in the process of toilet training, we have been advised of a very informative website to help with all kinds of issues. It is full of information that will not be relevant but there is also a page to help guide parents through the ordeal. . Follow the link ‘when-to-start-potty-training’ or ‘top-10-potty-training tips’.


If you haven’t paid your £5 admin fee yet, this is just a gentle reminder to please pay it as soon as possible. In September you will receive one invoice of £15, which will cover the whole year.


Our new term dates for the next academic year are also attached within this email.


Many thanks


Jacqui, Lynn and team Jacqui:- 0776 032 5530 and Lynn:- 0777 357 4550