Dear Parents

Welcome back after our short break.

We have decided to appoint a deputy, and we are sure that you will all be pleased to know that Auntie Sarah Palmer (green apron) is going to take on this role. She is our most senior member of staff and already fulfils lots of the role of a deputy. If Jacqui and Lynn are not available please speak to Auntie Sarah Palmer.

We hope you have now had a chance to talk to your keyperson about your child’s progress but can we please remind you to leave a comment on the summary.

As Tapestry was relatively new to us last year, we happily took lots of photos and wrote lots of observations. We appreciate that for parents you really enjoy looking at your child’s journal, unfortunately we cannot sustain the amount we have been doing. Your keyperson will be making on average 2 observations per week, but only when they are linked to your child’s next steps.

Safeguarding is always one of our main concerns at Rainbows. Jacqui and Lynn have recently refreshed their management level safeguarding and we need to just remind you of a couple of points.

We will not allow any person to enter the building whilst on their mobile phone. Please turn it off or finish your conversation outside.

All bumps and scratches will be recorded without exception. When you notify us of a bruise or bump etc we will require you to complete our Incident before school form. Please do not take this personally, it is a legal requirement that we must comply with.

Online safety is also important for you and your children at home. We have been advised to inform all parents of this particular website:

There is a poster on the washing line with more information.

On Thursday 9th March at 2pm, we will be having a visit again from Hampshire Music Services. On their previous visit they did lots of interactive musical activities with the children. If you would also like to take part you are  welcome to come to preschool just before 2pm.

There will be no preschool on Thursday 4th May due to the local elections.

Finally, as our move to the new hall is at the end of this year, we have to begin to organise our opening hours. We appreciate that for many of you, the school run will be an issue.

Below there is a selection of opening and closing times, and for those of you that will be moving with us we really need your requirements. Some of you will be entitled to 30hours funding as of September, (both parents working and earning more than £16,000) but those of you who will only be entitled to 15 hours this would impact on the hours you choose. We also may not be in a position of offer 30hrs to many children. We can charge if you are only entitled to 15 hrs but require more.

We aim to open Monday-Friday all day.

Please circle the starting and opening times you would prefer. If you do not wish to pay any extra fees and are not entitled to 30hrs, your 15hrs needs to be spread over 3 days as it is at present.


Start     8am     0830     0845    9am     0915

Finish   2pm     2.30      2.45     3pm     3.15      3.30     3.45     4pm..

Obviously we have to look at the overall needs of all the parents, we will not be opening and closing numerous times a day! We will make a decision on the majority requirements.

We will have our own non pack away nursery room with access to our own outside enclosed area. We will have heating that works and more parking spaces!

We appreciate that this can be quite confusing, we are happy to talk through any concerns.

Thank you for your continued support.

Many thanks

Jacqui, Lynn and team