Dear Parents

Hopefully you have had a lovely Easter break and managed to enjoy the nice weather and not eaten too much chocolate!

We always find that this last term before the Summer break is a very busy one, so apologies for lots of dates and information we need to tell you about.

There are more parents and children joining Rainbows this term, so please help us make them feel welcome and at ease.

Rainbows has recently become a Ltd company and therefore our banking details have changed. However, we will be keeping our old account running until the end of July. If you have direct debits already in place then you do not need to change the details if you would prefer not to. If you are going to pay by BACS for the first time, our details are as follows-

Rainbows Pre-school Ltd

Sort code:- 52 21 18

Account number:- 22694641

As you are now all aware, we will be moving at the end of 2017 to our new hall. Hooray! The parish council have asked for some ideas for the name; sticking with the Woodland theme that is part of the estate already, let us know if you have any good ideas.

A reminder that we will be closed on bank holiday Monday 1st May, Thursday 4th May for local elections and Thursday 8th June for the General Election.

On Friday 5th May, Emily Bran, James’ Mummy, will be bringing her veterinary nursing skills into school. Hopefully lots of hands on and fun for everyone.

We will be providing Nivea Sun Cream 50+ for all children. If you prefer your child to use something different please label their bottle and place it in the basket by the main door. There will also be a basket for labelled sun hats. We do have spare sun hats if you forget.

As in previous years we have organised four visits from Jon Gibbens of First Touch Football. All children that are here on his visits will join in the fun, but we wish to encourage all our school leavers to bring a change of clothes, a t-shirt and shorts. Our aim is to enable them to change into their PE kit independently, and back again into their normal clothes. Please make a note of all the dates!

We have also secured two visits from Miss Sue, dance teacher. No change of clothes is required.

All the dates that you will need to make a note of will be at the bottom of this newsletter. PE dates and Miss Sue, dance teacher dates are also on display in the glass cabinet in the entrance hall. Sessions will be before and after the half term holiday in May.

Hopefully all school leavers will now have a confirmed place. Please let us know your school of acceptance.

At the moment we have only one visit booked in from the local schools. We will, however, endeavour to book in a visit from all relevant schools.  Mrs Hughes, from FOIS, will be visiting the children on Wednesday 24th May at 1.30pm. She will include all children in her discussions!

May we also give you a few suggestions in readiness for school. The children really need to become independent bottom wipers! The teachers and assistants will not be able to give them the time and attention in the toilets that we can.

Rhyming is also an important part of developing their reading and writing skills along with physical activities, such as visits to parks. Children should have daily access to some form of physical exercise and using the climbing frames and swings encourages their upper body muscles to develop in preparation for writing.

We did not run our summer holiday club last year due to lack of interest, but if any of you would like any childcare during the summer holidays and would be interested please come and speak to Jacqui or Lynn. In previous years we have opened 3 days per week maximum. The cost would be the same as our fees now, £28.80 per day.


For the children that are staying with us for the next academic year, we will be approaching you soon with a suggestion of days and hours September. This is a really busy time of year for us so please bear with us.

Many thanks

Jacqui and Lynn


Dates for your diary until end of term in July

Monday 1st May – Bank holiday

Monday 8th May @ 1.30 Football fun

Thursday 4th May – School closed for local elections

Tuesday 16th May @ 1.30 – Football fun

Tuesday 23rd May @ 11am – Dancing

Wednesday 24th May @ 1.30 – Visit from Mrs Hughes, FOIS

Half term – 29th May – 2nd June

Friday 9th June @ 11am – Dancing

Tuesday 13th June @ 1.30 – Football fun

Monday 19th June @ 1.30 – Group photos for school leavers

Monday 26th June @ 1.30 – Football fun

Thursday 20th July – last day of term

Friday 21st July – Party day for school leavers (more info later)