Dear Parents

We hope you are all having an enjoyable week, and are now ready for the rest of the Autumn term.

It has been an exciting half term for us, with new management and a new member of staff. They have brought lots of lovely ideas, as have the other aunties, and we will be continuing to make changes and updates within the playroom and outside.

Our boat has returned after having its makeover! We are so pleased we found some lovely people to restore it. If anyone would like to offer to come and give it a lick of paint that would be lovely. We can’t really spare a member of staff to do this job so hoping a parent or parents would be able to help.

Thank-you to everyone who ordered Christmas cards. They all looked fantastic.

Christmas preparations will start at the beginning of December. We have decided again not to hold a nativity service either at the Church or here at preschool. With over 40 children in attendance, we do not want to risk anybody’s health by being in a large group inside. However, we have decided to have a Christmas party for the children, followed by a few Christmas songs and a visit from Father Christmas. You will all be invited to this as we are planning to do it outside in our playground. We hope to turn our porch area into a Christmas grotto! If any of you have any items, we could use we would be very grateful. i.e., snowflakes, twinkly lights, silver/white tinsel, white sheeting.

The children will be receiving their own invitation but for your information the children will be expected to arrive at 0930 on Wednesday 15th December, the party starts at 0945. You will be invited back at approximately 11.30, for songs and Santa. There will be no normal session on this day, therefore after Santa’s visit, we will be closing for Christmas. Our last normal day will be Tuesday 14th December. Times will be confirmed nearer the time.

For Father Christmas’s visit, please can you confirm whether your child will be attending the party when you receive your invite. Please can you also provide a wrapped and labelled present with a value of no more than £10. Please do not spend any more than this, a stocking filler present would be acceptable.

As mentioned previously, our staff have come up with some lovely ideas. One of which is to re-vamp our very tired looking home corner. We are expected to have a home corner as well as a role play area but we have struggled to do both within the area we have. Therefore, we are having changes made to the indoor playhouse, which will then be moved into the larger room

for role play use. i.e., Hairdressers, Drs, Vets etc. In the space where the house was, we would like to purchase some more homely looking resources. i.e., a small sofa, new kitchen, table and chairs etc. We still need to contain it into an area, so we will also need a couple of dividers.

We need to raise funds to do this and would like your help. The aunties are going to make up some lovely hampers to raffle off at Christmas. We will put them on show for you to see at the beginning of December. We will be selling raffle tickets for £1 a strip and the winners will be drawn on Friday 10th December. You will be notified the same day if you have won and will need to collect the hamper by the 15th. We thought that this would be a much safer way to raise funds whilst Covid is still around. There will be an alcoholic hamper, Christmas food hamper and children book bundles.

We have estimated we will need about £300 to complete the makeover, so any money received will be a good start. We will keep you up to date as we raise the money and hopefully you will be able to come in and see the finished project in the new year.

Another good idea suggested by a parent has been our Amazon wish list. The link to this will be put onto your Tapestry page and hopefully you will be able to access from there. We found it worked really well in the summer when so many parents asked what we would like for the preschool. There are a variety of priced items on the list. If you feel you would like to buy us something please have a look. No obligation to buy though!

There will also be a basket of unwanted books put on display. They have all been well loved, but if you could put 20p or 50p in the pot for a book, this will add to our fundraising.

As we explained earlier in the term, our guidelines for our curriculum have changed and you will see less observations on Tapestry. What you will see though is ‘Wow’ moments or photographs and comments on how your child has been through the term. This has enabled the aunties to spend more time with the children, and enriching their time with us. Each keyperson will be talking to you all individually over the next half term to give you a brief update on your child.

Please remember that all the aunties get to know the children really well, so please don’t feel disappointed when the ‘favourite auntie’ is not in setting.

We will still be putting our newsletters and other notifications onto Tapestry and we also still look forward to seeing what the children have been up to at home!

If you haven’t already done so, please don’t forget to order your school photographs. Either online or return the envelope to us.

Last but not least, we have a new volunteer working with us on a Tuesday. Vanessa was one of our mum’s last year and she is now looking to start her childcare qualifications. We are more than happy to help her gain the experience she needs and it enriches the children’s experiences

with more adults around to play with. She will of course have the relevant DBS checks.

Please feel free to come and speak to one of us if you have any concerns or queries over any of our plans.

Thank-you for all of your continued support.

Lynn, Sarah and Sarah