Dear Parents

We hope you have all enjoyed the recent weather and are now looking forward to the spring sunshine!

We hope you have now had a chance to read your child’s learning summary and talk to your keyperson about your child’s progress but can we please remind you to leave a comment on the summary. Please don’t worry if you haven’t managed to have a chat, your keyperson will be contacting you very soon.

Our move as most of you are aware has been delayed. Mainly due to red tape between local and parish councils. This has now been resolved and we are hoping to be given the keys over the next few days. For those of you that have seen the new hall, you will know that we had big concerns over the height of the fence. The council have agreed to purchase a new, taller fence and this should be in place for when we move. We have had to assist with the cost of this which we weren’t expecting. We will again have to think of some innovative fundraising ideas. We are still aiming to open in the new hall after the Easter break.

We would really like to open 8.30-4pm in the new hall. If you haven’t done so already would you please let us know if this is something you would like. These extended hours are not included in 15hr funding.

Now for some more positive news: You will all be aware that William had been diagnosed with a cancerous growth in his neck. We are pleased to say that William has undergone an operation that the Drs feel has been very successful. We are all hoping now that William can begin his road to recovery. He is back at pre-school now, and it is lovely to see his happy little face again.

Due to the National Living Wage rise in April we are having to increase our fees, from £5ph to £5.50ph. Because April is not far away we have decided to increase them after the May half term. Unfortunately we have to do this as we need to cover our statutory costs of National Insurance, Pensions and Holiday pay. The move to the new hall also will obviously trigger a rent increase.
For those of you who pay fees, you have all hopefully received an email advising you of the increase.

We are aware that some of you have not yet paid your last invoice. Please come and speak to Jacqui or Lynn if you have problems paying. We can offer a payment plan if necessary.

Please speak to Jacqui or Lynn, in person preferably, but by email or text if it is easier, if you have any concerns at all.

A reminder that we break up for Easter on Thursday March 29th and return on Monday 16th April.

Thank you for your continued support.

Many thanks

Jacqui, Lynn and team