Dear Parents/Carers

We hope you have all enjoyed the week break, luckily the weather was kind to us!

We are now entering our last half term of this academic year, traditionally a very busy term for us with all the school transitions and teacher visits that occur!

We hope the children have enjoyed the P.E. sessions. We have two more on 13th and 26th June.

Over the next few weeks we will be handing out questionnaires to all parents. We take all responses very seriously and use any suggestions to develop our provision each year. We will also make sure that you are made aware of any changes that we feel are necessary.

We had no offers to organise our Carnival, so we have decided not to enter this year! We will certainly be making a huge display next year though!

We will be walking the children to Fair Oak Infant school on Wednesday 21st June after lunch. You have all now received a note to explain the arrangements. If your child attends Rainbows on that afternoon but is not due to attend school this year, their day will remain unchanged.

 Children that are attending Bishopstoke will have their class visit with Auntie Avril on Tuesday 4th July. We need all of you to meet at the school gates with your children at 0920.  We will make arrangements with you personally if your child is due to attend preschool that day and you wish them to attend Rainbows afterwards.

If your child is attending a different school to these, please ensure you pass on Jacqui or Lynn’s phone number to discuss the transition into school.

On Monday 19th June the school photographer will be here for the school leavers photo. If your child does not attend on a Monday afternoon please feel free to bring them in for 1.30pm.

We have another Bags 2 School collection on Tuesday 11th July. Please start saving any old and unwanted clothes etc. It is a really good way of adding to our fundraising pot! We do not have the room to store your bags in advance of this day though!

Our preschool picnic will be on Thursday 20th July at Rainbows. It would be lovely for as many of as possible to attend. If your child is at Rainbows and you are not able to join us, the aunties will take responsibility for your child.

The school leavers party will be on Friday 21st July at 0945. Invitations will be sent out soon.

Please can we also ask you if possible to apply your child’s suncream before Rainbows. It saves us a lot of time and the children can get outside quicker.

Can we also ask that sensible shoes are worn to school. No flip flops or crocs please.

Your child’s End of Term Summaries will be available for you to read on Tapestry. Your keyperson will organise a convenient time with you to chat about the summary and finalise any paperwork that is required for school.

Once your child leaves Rainbows you will be unable to access their Tapestry account. If you wish to print off any pictures or observations you will need to do this before 31st August. Instructions are as follows:-

Click on your child

Click on ‘View Journal’

Click on required photo

Click on ‘Export’

Download PDF

Open and Print

Alternatively, once you have clicked on required photo you can right hand click, Save Image onto your hard drive or USB.

If you have any concerns with any of the above information please do not hesitate to speak to one of us!

Many thanks

Jacqui, Lynn and team

 Jacqui:- 0776 032 5530 and Lynn:- 0777 357 4550