Dear Parents

Welcome back to the new term.  We hope you all had a good Christmas and we wish you all the very best wishes for the year ahead.  Thank you again for all our lovely gifts!

We have more new children and parents joining us this term, so we would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to Rainbows.

Summaries for your children will be available on Tapestry by the end of January. If your child is not yet 3yrs old, they will have a 2yr summary instead. This has to be done by time they reach their 3rd birthday. Please read and comment. Your keyperson will be organising time for you to come in and have a chat. If you haven’t yet done so, please can you complete the ‘All about me’ section as well.

Please continue to put your child’s name on a silver coin on our reward board for any achievements that you are proud of. We will discuss these at registration.  We use gold coins for any achievements at Rainbows so please remember to look at the board.

We are going to try a new system for the toys that the children bring into school. Each of our aunties will have a box with their name on and the animal that is their keyperson group. This is on your child’s name card. Please can you place the item into your child’s keyperson box, they will be on the large table situated by the window. The object needs to fit into a shoe box and just one item per child please. We will be chatting about the contents of the box during chat time. This will hopefully encourage conversation. If your child brings in comforters they can still be placed into the red bag.

We will also be introducing our ‘Borrow a book’ scheme. If your child wishes to borrow any of our books, we will ask them to mark make in our special book, and sign it back in when they return it. Our own library system! We would like to encourage book sharing times at home.

We would also like to introduce Auntie Ashley. She has joined us Tuesday and Thursday mornings at present.

Please don’t forget we have a parent help rota board.  Your help is very much appreciated, whether it is for a whole session or just part of.  Parents and grandparents are very welcome.

May we take this opportunity to remind you to please label your children’s clothes, coats, lunch boxes, drinks and wellington boots! If you use the label company we are advertising we will receive a percentage. Our reference number is 47700. Please don’t also forget to use Easyfundraising. It is quick and simple to use and does not cost you anything extra. Just remember to go into Easyfundraising website to search for retailers before making any purchases.

Unfortunately we also seem to be missing our Paw Patrol figures. We have just one left! Please can you have a search at home and in bags, just in case they have found there way there.

Can we also remind you to please not use your mobile phones in the playroom. If you could also mention this to anyone else who may pick your child we would be most grateful.

We break up for half term on Friday 15th February.  We return on Monday 25th.

Please also keep an eye on our website. The current newsletter is always available and we will also notify you on there if we have to close due to bad weather, i.e snow. We do try and be the same as the local schools.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to come and speak to one of us.

Many thanks

Jacqui (07760325530) and Lynn (07773574550)