Dear Parents

We hope you have all survived the recent weather and are now looking forward to the spring sunshine!

We have an exciting half term ahead of us, starting with ‘Vegetable week’ next week. Lots of schools are taking part in vegetable week, and we would also like to do so. All we are asking is that you bring in vegetables for our snack bowl, vegetables we could put in our digging area or even vegetables that we can print with! Just place them on the table when you come into the playroom.

Auntie Sarah and Auntie Lynn have recently updated their Makaton knowledge and are keen to start using it more. Therefore we have decided to choose 2 Makaton signs for this half term. These signs will be displayed on the big whiteboard in the entrance hall. Please can we ask you to encourage your child to use these signs in their daily life. The signs are used in conjunction with speech, it is definitely not instead of. We would very much like to be using Makaton throughout our day for all children. The words for this half term are ‘more’ and ‘help’.

Lots of children also need to use the toilet as soon as they arrive at preschool. Can we please ask that if this is the case please can you use the main toilets in the corridor, before coming into the playroom. An increasing number of parents are using our own toilets in the smaller room, but this does cause us safeguarding issues. We are thinking of the safety of the children and also the parents. We hope you all understand.


We have been asked to hold another coffee morning/afternoon which we would very much like to do! On Wednesday 1st April, after lunch at 1.45pm. We will be holding an Easter Bonnet parade, made with you at home! An Easter egg hunt and a raffle. We would like to see as many of you as possible, even if your child does not usually attend that day. If your child is already at Rainbows but you are unable to attend, please do not worry, they will still be able to join in all the fun. ALL proceeds will be divided between 2 charities that are very close to Rainbows heart at the moment. The National Autistic Society and Diabetes UK. Donations of home made or bought cakes will be very welcome, but please no nuts. If any of you would also like to make dairy free cakes, a few of our children would be very happy!

We will also be organising some P.E sessions, hopefully a couple before the Easter break. Look out for the dates on the white board. The P.E sessions are predominantly for our children going to school in September, although all children take part when the session runs.  We encourage them to change into a P.E. kit and then back into their normal clothes. The kit should contain labelled shorts, t-shirts and trainers/plimsolls. The running around in between is just for fun!! When dates have been confirmed, put a note in your diary and remember to pack a change of clothes. Just the older children though, don’t forget!

We pride ourselves in having friendly staff and families. However, please be considerate when outside of Rainbows to not ask about your child. If you want to ask anything please wait until you are at Rainbows. You are all very welcome to email us or text Lynn or Jacqui.


Could we also ask that unless there is an auntie by the door please do not unlock it and let yourself out. We potentially have got a few runners who would take the opportunity to escape.

Due to the National Living Wage, holiday pay and Pension contributions we are required by law to pay we will be increasing our fees after Easter. Our government funding hasn’t increased sufficiently. As a result our fees in the summer term will be £6.50 per hour. £19.50 per session. Our termly fees for those of you with us in September will be £10 per term. £30 per annum.

We are aware that some of you have not yet paid your last invoice. Please come and speak to Jacqui or Lynn if you have problems paying. We can offer a payment plan if necessary.

We hope you keep an eye on our noticeboard in the hallway. You will notice lots of everyday information about our daily routine but you will also see lots of useful information about healthy eating and potty training. If you would like advice on anything else please come and speak to us as we have access to lots of useful parenting tips.


If your child will be with us in September, you will be receiving a letter requesting the sessions you would like. We realise it is some time yet, but we are so busy and we need to start organising everyone ready for the new intake.

Please speak to Jacqui or Lynn, in person preferably, but by email or text if it is easier, if you have any concerns at all.

A reminder that we break up for Easter on Friday 3rd April and return on Monday 20th April.


Thank you for your continued support.

Many thanks

Jacqui, Lynn and Team

Jacqui’s contact number is: 07760325530

Lynn’s contact number is: 07773574550

Email us at: