April 2021 Newsletter

Dear Parents.

Hopefully you have had a lovely Easter break and managed to enjoy the time and not eaten too much chocolate!

We always find this last term before the Summer break a very busy one, so apologies for lots of dates and information we need to tell you about.

There are more parents and children joining Rainbows this term, so please help us make them feel welcome and at ease.

A reminder that we will be closed on bank holiday Monday 3rd May. Fees and grant have been accounted for with this in mind.

We are also closed on Friday 14th May for staff training. Hopefully you are all aware of this already as we posted it on your Tapestry account a few weeks ago.

If the sun continues, please provide a labelled suncream and put it in the basket provided by the main door. There will also be a basket for labelled sun hats. We do have spare sun hats but obviously we cannot share and they will need to be washed by yourselves if you forget.  Can you please tell your child that a sun hat outside is a must! A rule we adhere to when the sun is out.

First touch football are now allowed to deliver our PE sessions, which we normally do this term. Our school leavers are encouraged to bring in a small PE Kit and we practice getting undressed and re-dressed whilst having fun games in between. Our aim is to enable them to change into their PE kit independently and back again into their normal clothes. We do not expect this of our younger children. The dates are Monday 10th, Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 26th May. If your child is a school leaver and does not attend any of these afternoons, please come and speak to one of us and we will see if we can make some changes to their sessions.

We will be having a Bags2school collection again next term. The collection will be on Thursday 17th June. Please can you use your own bags for collection. We cannot take any bags before this date.

Hopefully all school leavers will now have a confirmed place and you have all received a Ready for School leaflet. Please let us know your school of acceptance and we will endeavour to book in a visit from all relevant schools. 

May we also add another suggestion in readiness for school. The children really need to become independent bottom wipers! The teachers and assistants will not be able to give them the time and attention in the toilets that we can.

School leavers group photo will be on ?????. If your child does not usually attend on this day, please feel free to bring them in.

Our chat times in the morning have changed on some days for this term. We will be having the more able children in a group to challenge skills. i.e. rhyming, counting. Another group of children who need a little more support will be participating in various activities.

Rhyming is also an important part of developing their reading and writing skills along with physical activities, such as visits to parks. Children should have daily access to some form of physical exercise and using the climbing frames and swings encourages their upper body muscles to develop in preparation for writing. We know from experience that if children have good upper body and core strength their ability to write proficiently will appear.


We would also ask you not to put sweets in their lunch boxes and please limit the sweet snack that they have. One piece of cake or biscuit bar is enough along with their fruit and yoghurt.

We will be inviting our school leavers to a party on Friday 16th July, invites to be sent nearer the time. Last day of term for all other children is Thursday 15th July.

For the children that are staying with us for the next academic year, please don’t forget to complete your request for the September sessions. This is a really busy time of year for us so please bear with us. We may not able to confirm your sessions immediately.

Finally, we would like to introduce our new auntie. Her name is Lisa, and she will be with us 3 days a week at the moment. She is very well qualified and experienced. We are sure the children will love her.

Please don’t hesitate to come and speak to either of us if you have any concerns.

Many thanks

Jacqui and Lynn

January 2021 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you had a nice Christmas break and we wish you a Happy & healthy 2021 and hope it proves better than 2020.

Unfortunately we are still having to live with this awful Covid situation, Rainbows will continue to run as we did last term. Please can we remind you of our Covid policy that was previously sent to you. Let us know if you haven’t got a copy. It is really important that we all follow it to ensure all of our safety & for Rainbows to continue to stay open. Thank you.

We have new children and parents joining us this term, so we would like to welcome them to Rainbows. We hope they enjoy their time with us.

Please can we ask that if you have a new phone number or have changed your address that you write a note with your new details & pop it into your child’s bag.

The labelling of your child’s items i.e. coat, bag, lunch boxes, drinks bottles, wellies etc. has always been a challenge for us, but we’d like to say thank you as it has been the best it’s ever been. There are still a few unlabelled items so please remember to label new items & names that have worn away. Our fundraising label company we use is www.mynametags.com school ID is 47700. We receive a small percentage on ordered labels.

Unfortunately due to personal problems, Jen left us last term, we wish her well.

We are now recruiting for a Pre-school Practitioner, if you know anyone that maybe suitable to join our team please ask them to email us their CV. We ask for a minimum level 3 in childcare & they have to be able to work some days starting at 8am & finishing at 4.15pm.

Last year we tried to introduce a water & milk only policy for the children, this being partly due to the increased pressure we get from the early years with regards to children’s poor dental health, please bear this in mind when selecting your child’s drink. If they are used to having squash maybe try making it a little weaker each time to wean them off of it. We have a strictly no fizzy drink policy which most parents adhere too, we would really like to work on this with you.

We also realise that some children still have dummies which can significantly affect their speech and of course their teeth, if you would like some help in dealing with this please come & speak to us.

Nagging over!!!

Dates for your diary:

We break up on Friday 12th February for the half term break returning on Monday 22 February. We then finish on Thursday 1st April for the Easter break returning on Monday 19th April.

Please remember to write a gold coin for any achievements your child has had at home. We discuss them at story time, it is great for children’s self-esteem. We use positive praise throughout.

Please keep an eye on our website. The current newsletter is on there & we will use this & Facebook to inform you if we have to close due to bad weather, i.e. snow. We try to do the same as the local schools.

Please can we have any outstanding fees & the termly £10 fee paid ASAP.

If you have any queries please pop a note in your child’s bag or email us we will get back to you.

Many Thanks

Jacqui 07760325530 Lynn 07773574550

November 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Welcome back although the weather wasn’t great, we hope you had a nice week. 

Please ensure your photos are handed back this week if you haven’t ordered them online, there is a charge from the photographers for any late returns.

The latest lockdown guidance on Friday from the government was that early years are to remain open. We will continue as we have been. Please can we ask you to reread & adhere to the COVID-19 policy we sent out to you recently. If you haven’t received this please let us know & we’ll give you a copy.

Please can we remind you: to put a named drink bottle in for your child at each session & to provide a spoon if they have a yoghurt/jelly in their lunchboxes. We are trying to avoid children sharing our items. Thank you to most of you for naming your child’s coats, bottles & lunch boxes it makes our job a lot easier when named. Please do so if you haven’t already. Thank you!

Can we also remind you of our start times they are 8.30 or 9.15, we are being flexible for parents whose children’s school times have changed but if this doesn’t affect you please keep to these times.

Unfortunately, Christmas activities as they usually are, are looking unlikely. We have not been selected by the Christmas card company to do our fundraising cards this year.

We are in the early stages of setting up another fundraising idea and will keep you updated on this if and when it is set up.

We would like to have a Christmas Jumper week commencing the last week of term w/b Monday 7th December with your child wearing their Christmas jumpers with a £1 donation per child. We are also intending to put on a Christmas sing song on Tapestry, encouraging all the children to join in this also being in the last week of term.

Most of you may already know Ashley moved onto pastures new at the end of half term, we now have a new Auntie to welcome to our team. ‘Auntie Anna’ she will have a chat with you if she is your child’s keyperson.

Please remember the Bags2School collection on Friday 13th November. Bags must be here by 9am.

Please come and speak to Jacqui or Lynn if you have any queries. Please find our business email address and phone numbers below.

Please can all outstanding fees be paid by the end of this term.

Thank you for your continued support

Jacqui, Lynn and The Rainbows team. 

Tel Jacqui on: – 07760 325530   Lynn on: – 0777 357 4550    

Email Jacqui and Lynn at hello@rainbowspreschool.co.uk

February 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents

We hope you have all survived the recent weather and are now looking forward to the spring sunshine!

We have an exciting half term ahead of us, starting with ‘Vegetable week’ next week. Lots of schools are taking part in vegetable week, and we would also like to do so. All we are asking is that you bring in vegetables for our snack bowl, vegetables we could put in our digging area or even vegetables that we can print with! Just place them on the table when you come into the playroom.

Auntie Sarah and Auntie Lynn have recently updated their Makaton knowledge and are keen to start using it more. Therefore we have decided to choose 2 Makaton signs for this half term. These signs will be displayed on the big whiteboard in the entrance hall. Please can we ask you to encourage your child to use these signs in their daily life. The signs are used in conjunction with speech, it is definitely not instead of. We would very much like to be using Makaton throughout our day for all children. The words for this half term are ‘more’ and ‘help’.

Lots of children also need to use the toilet as soon as they arrive at preschool. Can we please ask that if this is the case please can you use the main toilets in the corridor, before coming into the playroom. An increasing number of parents are using our own toilets in the smaller room, but this does cause us safeguarding issues. We are thinking of the safety of the children and also the parents. We hope you all understand.


We have been asked to hold another coffee morning/afternoon which we would very much like to do! On Wednesday 1st April, after lunch at 1.45pm. We will be holding an Easter Bonnet parade, made with you at home! An Easter egg hunt and a raffle. We would like to see as many of you as possible, even if your child does not usually attend that day. If your child is already at Rainbows but you are unable to attend, please do not worry, they will still be able to join in all the fun. ALL proceeds will be divided between 2 charities that are very close to Rainbows heart at the moment. The National Autistic Society and Diabetes UK. Donations of home made or bought cakes will be very welcome, but please no nuts. If any of you would also like to make dairy free cakes, a few of our children would be very happy!

We will also be organising some P.E sessions, hopefully a couple before the Easter break. Look out for the dates on the white board. The P.E sessions are predominantly for our children going to school in September, although all children take part when the session runs.  We encourage them to change into a P.E. kit and then back into their normal clothes. The kit should contain labelled shorts, t-shirts and trainers/plimsolls. The running around in between is just for fun!! When dates have been confirmed, put a note in your diary and remember to pack a change of clothes. Just the older children though, don’t forget!

We pride ourselves in having friendly staff and families. However, please be considerate when outside of Rainbows to not ask about your child. If you want to ask anything please wait until you are at Rainbows. You are all very welcome to email us or text Lynn or Jacqui.


Could we also ask that unless there is an auntie by the door please do not unlock it and let yourself out. We potentially have got a few runners who would take the opportunity to escape.

Due to the National Living Wage, holiday pay and Pension contributions we are required by law to pay we will be increasing our fees after Easter. Our government funding hasn’t increased sufficiently. As a result our fees in the summer term will be £6.50 per hour. £19.50 per session. Our termly fees for those of you with us in September will be £10 per term. £30 per annum.

We are aware that some of you have not yet paid your last invoice. Please come and speak to Jacqui or Lynn if you have problems paying. We can offer a payment plan if necessary.

We hope you keep an eye on our noticeboard in the hallway. You will notice lots of everyday information about our daily routine but you will also see lots of useful information about healthy eating and potty training. If you would like advice on anything else please come and speak to us as we have access to lots of useful parenting tips.


If your child will be with us in September, you will be receiving a letter requesting the sessions you would like. We realise it is some time yet, but we are so busy and we need to start organising everyone ready for the new intake.

Please speak to Jacqui or Lynn, in person preferably, but by email or text if it is easier, if you have any concerns at all.

A reminder that we break up for Easter on Friday 3rd April and return on Monday 20th April.


Thank you for your continued support.

Many thanks

Jacqui, Lynn and Team

Jacqui’s contact number is: 07760325530

Lynn’s contact number is: 07773574550

Email us at:  hello@rainbowspreschool.co.uk

January 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents

Welcome back to the new term.  We hope you all had a good Christmas and we wish you all the very best wishes for the year ahead.  Thank you again for all our lovely gifts!

We have many new children and parents joining us this term, so we would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to Rainbows.

You will have noticed we also have some new faces helping out! We have Laura, one of our ex parents who comes in mainly to prepare and supervise snack. She will help out in other areas when needed. Kayleigh will be joining us permanently at the end of January when her maternity leave has finished. Kayleigh is a qualified Year R teacher and will be a huge asset to our growing team. Jen you will see each morning. She also has a huge amount of experience within childcare and she will be here offering additional support to a few of our children. She has vast experience within this sector and we feel very lucky to have her with us.

Please continue to put your child’s name on a silver coin on our reward board for any achievements that you are proud of. We will discuss these at registration.  We use gold coins for any achievements at Rainbows so please remember to look at the board.

We are happy for the children to bring in objects from home and place on our show and tell table. Just look out for the ‘Theme of the week’. Can you please remind them they are not for playing with as we are afraid they may get broken. Please also limit the amount of toys they bring in!

Please don’t forget we have a parent help rota board.  Your help is very much appreciated, whether it is for a whole session or just part of.  Parents and grandparents are very welcome.

May we again take this opportunity to remind you to please label your children’s clothes, coats, lunch boxes, drinks and wellington boots! If you use the label company we are advertising we will receive a percentage. Our reference number is 47700. Please don’t also forget to use Easyfundraising. It is quick and simple to use and does not cost you anything extra. Just remember to go into Easyfundraising website to search for retailers before making any purchases.

We would really like to bring in a water and milk only policy, as they do in the infant schools. Obviously there are some children that refuse to drink either, but we would really like your support in this and if it does have to be squash please can it be as weak as possible and hopefully then progress to water.

Invoices will be sent out over the next few weeks. Please check your inbox and spam. There will be a copy of the newsletter in the glass cabinet as well.

We break up for half term on Friday 14th February.  We return on Monday 24th.

Please also keep an eye on our website. The current newsletter is always available and we will also notify you on there if we have to close due to bad weather, i.e snow. We do try and be the same as the local schools.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to come and speak to one of us.


Many thanks

Jacqui (07760325530) and Lynn (07773574550)

September 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a lovely summer break and your children are looking forward to returning to Rainbows!
We would like to welcome all our new children and their families and we hope you enjoy coming to our pre-school. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate in asking.

When your child is settled please feel free to add your name to our ‘Parents Stay and Play’ board. The children love having visitors, and it can be for any amount of time you can spare. From 20 minutes to a full session. Mums, Dads and grandparents are all very welcome.

If you have not yet done so, please can you log into Tapestry and complete the ‘All about me’ section. The information you provide is very useful to ensure your child is settled and happy. Could you also read your child’s latest summary and next steps if they are available. Can you either ‘like’ or write a comment. Your keyperson will be organising a quick chat with you over the next couple of weeks.

Please can we remind you of our finishing times: 12.15, 1.15 3.15 (doors will be open at 3 for school runs) & 4pm (doors again open from 3.45. We are trying to reduce disruption to our daily routine by opening the doors unnecessarily. Of course there will be times for appointments etc that you may have to come early.

If you have applied for your 30hours free funding, please be aware that you have to update your eligibility code every 3 months.
Please continue to keep an eye on the whiteboard in the hallway, it has upto date info, ‘Story of the week’ and ‘Rhyme of the week’. We are hoping that your awareness of our stories & rhymes will encourage discussion with your child at home! Your child may also borrow a story book from us to read with you at home.

All of the enrolment forms need to be checked each year, so if you have any changes for example, change of address, phone numbers etc please let us know straight away. We will be approaching you individually over the next few weeks.

If your child is staying for lunch for the first time we are committed to a healthy eating lifestyle. If you would like any help with this please ask. It would be helpful if you could only put in their lunch boxes what you would like them to eat. Please do not give your child anything containing nuts. We always ensure they eat sandwiches first and then their biscuit etc., but some children bring quite a lot and we are sometimes unsure of how much they are supposed to eat. We also need you to cut grapes and sausages in half, lengthways please. They are a huge choking hazard. Please also label the lunch boxes clearly.

The children love our reward board, and it is beneficial for their self-esteem so please continue to use the silver coins to reward your child’s achievements. It can be for something quite simple, i.e. saying thank-you, using the toilet, eating their dinner, sleeping all night! We read out all the coins and the children congratulate their friends by clapping.

Too keep it meaningful please don’t write a coin every time they are in just when they have achieved something.

Please can you ensure that you provide the spare clothes and outside wear that we suggested. We have limited all-in-one wet weather suits and boots for these occasions but as you know the children like to get the water everywhere.

Please supply named wellies if they have some. Children will need long trousers, a coat and wellie boots for our wood walks.

Please can you also check your child for Ticks on a regular basis. If you are at all worried you need to see your GP.

Please take time to go & view our new outside area it looks fabulous. We haven’t finished it yet as awaiting delivery of other items to complete the look!

We hope to have a ‘Wellie Boot trolley’ for when we return in September, please can you put your child’s wellies on it, their bags on the bag trolley & their coats on the coat trolley, this will save us time going through the bags trying to find their things enabling them to get outside quicker!! Thank you.

Please don’t forget to label your child’s bags, clothes, shoes etc. We cannot accept unnamed lunch boxes, drinks bottles, coats or shoes. We will provide marker pens. If you haven’t yet labelled these.

Remember you can purchase labels from ‘My nametags’ quoting our school ID 47700. This helps us with pennies towards our fundraising pot. Please also help us further if you shop online by adding easyfundraising to your pc.

Don’t forget also for your child to bring in one piece of fruit each week. If every child just brings one piece in, we should have a lovely selection. Just place the fruit in the large bowl in the large playroom.

Please don’t forget to use our web-site to keep up to date with everything.

Newsletters and dates for your diary are all on there. It seems that a few of you have been unable to find our website. If you type the address straight into the address bar you should find us: www.rainbowspreschool.co.uk

We will be endeavouring to send all invoices to your email address you provided for your Tapestry account. A reminder that there will be a £10 charge each term £30 per year for our running/admin costs.

Invoices will be sent out termly. September, January and April. Those of you that only have the £30 costs, you will be invoiced annually.

We also need to make you aware of EYPP – Early Years Pupil Premium. If your joint household income is less than £16,190 your child may be eligible for funding that we can use to support your child within our setting. Please come and speak to Jacqui or Lynn for more information.

Thank you to those of you that completed our annual questionnaire, we will display results soon, we will also catch up with you to discuss any issues arising from this.

Please come and speak to Jacqui or Lynn if you have any queries. Please find our business email address and phone numbers below.

On a sad note to finish, Auntie Sarah Palmer, in the green apron, has decided that it is time for her to move on to new pastures. It has been a very difficult decision for her and she will be sorely missed by children, aunties and parents. She will hopefully visit often. We will obviously like to do a collection for her, if any of you want to contribute just let us know.

Thank you for your continued support
Jacqui, Lynn and The Rainbows team.

Tel Jacqui on:- 07760 325530 Tel Lynn on:- 0777 357 4550

Email Jacqui and Lynn at hello@rainbowspreschool.co.uk

Come join us for our fundraising evening on Saturday 14th September at 7.30pm £8 per ticket. Live band and great raffle. Bring your own refreshments. Family & friends all welcome the more the merrier!! All proceeds will enable us to replace old and worn out toys for your children!!