March Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents

We hope you have all enjoyed the recent weather and are now looking forward to the spring sunshine!

We hope you have now had a chance to read your child’s learning summary and talk to your keyperson about your child’s progress but can we please remind you to leave a comment on the summary. Please don’t worry if you haven’t managed to have a chat, your keyperson will be contacting you very soon.

Our move as most of you are aware has been delayed. Mainly due to red tape between local and parish councils. This has now been resolved and we are hoping to be given the keys over the next few days. For those of you that have seen the new hall, you will know that we had big concerns over the height of the fence. The council have agreed to purchase a new, taller fence and this should be in place for when we move. We have had to assist with the cost of this which we weren’t expecting. We will again have to think of some innovative fundraising ideas. We are still aiming to open in the new hall after the Easter break.

We would really like to open 8.30-4pm in the new hall. If you haven’t done so already would you please let us know if this is something you would like. These extended hours are not included in 15hr funding.

Now for some more positive news: You will all be aware that William had been diagnosed with a cancerous growth in his neck. We are pleased to say that William has undergone an operation that the Drs feel has been very successful. We are all hoping now that William can begin his road to recovery. He is back at pre-school now, and it is lovely to see his happy little face again.

Due to the National Living Wage rise in April we are having to increase our fees, from £5ph to £5.50ph. Because April is not far away we have decided to increase them after the May half term. Unfortunately we have to do this as we need to cover our statutory costs of National Insurance, Pensions and Holiday pay. The move to the new hall also will obviously trigger a rent increase.
For those of you who pay fees, you have all hopefully received an email advising you of the increase.

We are aware that some of you have not yet paid your last invoice. Please come and speak to Jacqui or Lynn if you have problems paying. We can offer a payment plan if necessary.

Please speak to Jacqui or Lynn, in person preferably, but by email or text if it is easier, if you have any concerns at all.

A reminder that we break up for Easter on Thursday March 29th and return on Monday 16th April.

Thank you for your continued support.

Many thanks

Jacqui, Lynn and team

January Newsletter

Dear Parents

Welcome back to the new term.  We hope you all had a good Christmas and we wish you all the very best wishes for the year ahead.  Thank you again for all our lovely gifts!

We have more new children and parents joining us this term, so we would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to Rainbows.

For parents who are claiming 30 hours, please don’t forget to update your account every term.

Your child’s learning summary will be available for you to read on Tapestry over the next few weeks, if not already.  We really need your input, so please read them and comment. Your keyperson will be organising a time for a more formal chat over the next couple of weeks. Please make sure you have been able to read the report before your chat. If you have any problems accessing your report, don’t hesitate to speak to Lynn or Jacqui.  If you haven’t already done so can you please complete the ‘All about me’ section as well. Especially new parents please.

Please continue to put your child’s name on a silver coin on our reward board for any achievements that you are proud of. We will discuss these at registration.  We use gold coins for any achievements at Rainbows so please remember to look at the board.

As always we are happy for the children to bring in objects from home and place in our show and tell bag, but can you please remind them they are not for playing with as we are afraid they may get broken. Please also limit the amount of toys they bring in!

Please don’t forget we have a parent help rota board.  Your help is very much appreciated, whether it is for a whole session or just part of.  Parents and grandparents are very welcome.

We also need lots of help to have a spring clean of our toys, including dressing-up clothes. If you could help please speak to one of the girls as soon as possible. We are beginning to sort our cupboard for the move and need a huge clean and de-clutter!

We are currently waiting for the keys to be issued for the new building. We then have to organise storage to be built before we can move over. If anybody would like to assist with building storage or flatpack please come and see Jacqui or Lynn.

May we take this opportunity to remind you to please label your children’s clothes, coats, lunch boxes, drinks and wellington boots! We also need you to provide labelled hats and gloves for your child.

If you use the label company we are advertising we will receive a percentage. Our reference number is 47700. Please don’t also forget to use Easyfundraising. It is quick and simple to use and does not cost you anything extra. Just remember to go into Easyfundraising website to search for retailers before making any purchases.

We break up for half term on Friday 9th February.  We return on Monday 19th.

Please also keep an eye on our website. The current newsletter is always available and we will also notify you on there if we have to close due to bad weather, i.e snow. We do try and be the same as the local schools.

You may not see Lynn as much as usual. Unfortunately she has illness in the family and has had to reduce her hours. She is still quite happy to reply to texts and emails but it may take longer, or it will be forwarded to Jacqui.

We have been thinking hard about our opening hours in the new hall. It is going to be possible that your children can be in our care from 0830 until finish at 4pm. Obviously the grant covers 0915-1515 so early or late finishes will be at a cost to yourselves, unless you claim 30hour funding. Please complete the tear off slip below and return to Jacqui or Lynn if you are interested. The cost would be £3.75 for the extra 45 minutes at the beginning or end of each day.

Please note that our official opening hours are 0915-1515, anything extra is charged to yourselves or added into the grant claim.

You will receive your invoice for the Spring term over the next couple of weeks. They will be emailed to you so if you don’t receive one please check your junk box or speak to Jacqui or Lynn.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to come and speak to one of us.

Many thanks

Jacqui (07760325530) and Lynn (07773574550)







I would like my child to start school at 0830    Yes/No


I would like my child to finish school at 4pm    Yes/No


I understand that any cost will be charged or added onto the grant claim.





November Newsletter 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope you have all enjoyed the half term and are looking forward to the run up to Christmas!

Thank-you to everyone who settled their invoices. As this is a new way of issuing invoices we will be issuing reminders for those not yet paid.

Lots of children have made new friendships and their confidence has grown. They are all becoming really familiar with our ‘rules’ and routine. Apart from the Rainbow reward board, we are also re-enforcing good behaviour by handing out gold stars. You may see your child with a gold star on their sweatshirt!

We like to support Children in Need each year. This year we thought each child could bring in their teddy and we will hold a Teddy Bear picnics each day. A contribution of your own choice would be gratefully received. Teddy Bear week is week beginning Monday 13th November.

We are going to again organise a Bags 2 School collection. Look out for the bag on your peg, but please start saving all your unwanted clothes, shoes etc. The collection date will be 9am on Monday 27th November. Please keep your items at home until collection day.

We are also going to hold a sponsored walk. We will attempt to walk the children around the park 3 times. This equates to 1 mile. They will be bringing home a sponsor form to get sponsors for their walk. If each family could raise just £5 we will be able to pay for the Christmas entertainer without asking for anymore contributions. Our walk will be each morning week beginning Monday 27th November.

Our fundraising evening was a huge success. £1100 was raised and after deducting the £150 charge for the hall we have £950 in the pot. We will be looking to purchase a new mud kitchen, outside storage and a canopy for outside play in the new hall. We will definitely repeat the occasion, hopefully in the spring/summer before some parents leave for school!

This year’s Nativity service in St. Thomas’ Church has been provisionally booked for Monday 11th December @ 10am. Date and time will be confirmed. Please could your child come dressed as a character from the Nativity story. i.e. Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Kings, Angels, Donkey, Sheep etc. Coffee, mince pies and the Christmas raffle will be held at the scout hut afterwards. Donations for the raffle will be very much appreciated. There is no afternoon session on this day. Party day is on Friday 15th December. Party starts at 10am, so please bring your child at 0945. We ask parents to return at 11.45 for a few Christmas songs and a visit from Father Christmas. Preschool does not run its usual sessions on this day. As the same as last year we are asking all parents to provide a labelled Christmas present of no more than £5 for their own child. If we cannot raise enough money through our fundraising we may also have to charge a small amount for the Christmas entertainer. Please could we have the present by Friday 8th December. We will also be asking you to provide a party snack for your child only to eat at the party. They usually eat at about 11am, so it isn’t lunch. Crisps/biscuits, fruit or yoghurt and a drink will be ample.

We are always grateful for any help received so feel free to write your name on the parent ‘Stay & Play’ board. Please don’t feel you have to stay for a whole session.

Our move to the new hall is fast approaching, but it looks like completion for us to move in won’t be until February half term. We will slowly move our resources etc over during January and we will then be able to have a few open days to familiarise everybody with the new surroundings. We will definitely keep you posted as the time gets nearer. As we are positioned close to the woods, all our staff will be attending various sessions at a Forest school. We hope to gain some new skills and knowledge to enrich our play in the new outside space available.

Can we also remind you that we will not allow you entry to the preschool whilst taking a call on your phone. We hope you understand that this is for safeguarding reasons. Also feel free to text Lynn or Jacqui. We are quite happy to answer texts or calls. Sometimes it is easier to txt to report a sick child. If you have any questions on any of the above information please come and speak to one of us.

Many thanks Jacqui, Lynn and team

Newsletter September 2017

Dear Parents

Welcome back!  We hope you have all had a lovely summer break and your children are looking forward to returning to Rainbows!

We would like to welcome all our new children and their families and we hope you enjoy coming to our pre-school.

When your child is settled please feel free to add your name to our ‘Parents Stay and Play’ board. The children love having visitors, and it can be for any amount of time you can spare. From 20 minutes to a full session.  Mums, Dads and grandparents are all very welcome.

If you have not yet done so, please can you log into Tapestry and complete the ‘All about me’ section. The information you provide is very useful to ensure your child is settled and happy. Could you also read your child’s latest report and next steps. Can you either ‘like’ or write a comment.

We have settled into Tapestry now and we will be reducing the number of observations made. It is more important that your keyperson spends time playing with your child than taking photos! Please be assured that all the aunties get to know their key children very well. Please also feel free to upload photos and comments yourselves.

If you have applied for your 30hours free funding, please be aware that you have to update your eligibility code every 3 months.

Please continue to take note of our ‘Story of the week’ and ‘Rhyme of the week’ that will be displayed in the entrance hall. We are hoping that this will encourage discussion with your child at home!  Also available on the large table in the playroom are our plans for a 2 wk period. These are changed every 2 weeks according to the children’s needs. We will also have other learning opportunities based on the children’s likes and interests.

All of the enrolment forms need to be checked each year, so if you have any changes for example, change of address, phone numbers etc please let us know straight away. We will be approaching you individually over the next few weeks.

If your child is staying for lunch for the first time we are committed to a healthy eating lifestyle and you can find advice on the large table in the playroom. It would be helpful if you could only put in their lunch boxes what you would like them to eat. Please do not give your child anything containing nuts. We always ensure they eat sandwiches first and then their biscuit etc., but some children bring quite a lot and we are sometimes unsure of how much they are supposed to eat. We also need you to cut grapes and sausages in half, lengthways please. They are a huge choking hazard. Please also label the lunch boxes clearly. The children love our reward board, so please continue to use the silver coins to reward your child’s achievements.  It can be for something quite simple, i.e. saying thank-you, using the toilet, eating their dinner, sleeping all night! We read out all the coins at registration and the children congratulate their friends by clapping.

Please can you ensure that you provide spare clothes for your child. We do have plenty of spare clothes for accidents they may have, but on occasions we like to go puddle jumping or playing in the rain. We have all-in-one wet weather suits and boots for these occasions but as you know the children like to get the water everywhere. Please supply named wellies if they have some.

Many of the accidents that occur at Rainbows are on our outside area. We try really hard to make it as safe as we can but if you could also ensure that your child has sensible shoes for running, not crocs or flip flops please. A substantial shoe like trainers or doodles are best.

We would like to participate in the Macmillan coffee morning. This year though we have decided to make cakes all week, 25th-29th September and ask you to buy them when you collect your child. Each child will make 2 cakes for 50p.

Please also don’t forget to buy your tickets for our fundraising evening. They are a great band, playing lots of songs you would know! Fantastic raffle prizes and good company! £6 per ticket plus bring your own bottle!

Please don’t forget to label your child’s bags, clothes, shoes etc. We cannot accept unnamed lunch boxes, drinks bottles, coats or shoes. We will provide marker pens. If you haven’t yet labelled these. Remember you can purchase labels from ‘My nametags’ quoting our school ID 47700. This helps us with pennies towards our fundraising pot. Please also help us further  if you shop online by adding easyfundraising to your pc.

Don’t forget also for your child to bring in one piece of fruit each week. If every child just brings one piece in, we should have a lovely selection. Just place the fruit in the large bowl in the hallway. Please don’t forget to use our web-site to keep up to date with everything. Newsletters and dates for your diary are all on there. It seems that a few of you have been unable to find our website. If you type the address straight into the address bar you should find

We will be endeavouring to send all invoices to your email address you provided for your Tapestry account. A reminder that there will be a £5 charge each term for our admin costs. Invoices will be sent out termly. September, January and April.  Newsletters will also be sent to your email address in the very near future.

We also need to make you aware of EYPP – Early Years Pupil Premium. If your joint household income is less than £16,190 your child may be eligible for funding that we can use within our setting. Please come and speak to Jacqui or Lynn for more information.

Please come and speak to Jacqui or Lynn if you have any queries. Please find our new business email address and phone numbers below.

Many thanks Jacqui, Lynn and Rainbows team

Tel Jacqui on:- 07760 325530

Tel Lynn on:- 0777 357 4550

Email Jacqui and Lynn at





June Newsletter 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope you have all enjoyed the week break, luckily the weather was kind to us!

We are now entering our last half term of this academic year, traditionally a very busy term for us with all the school transitions and teacher visits that occur!

We hope the children have enjoyed the P.E. sessions. We have two more on 13th and 26th June.

Over the next few weeks we will be handing out questionnaires to all parents. We take all responses very seriously and use any suggestions to develop our provision each year. We will also make sure that you are made aware of any changes that we feel are necessary.

We had no offers to organise our Carnival, so we have decided not to enter this year! We will certainly be making a huge display next year though!

We will be walking the children to Fair Oak Infant school on Wednesday 21st June after lunch. You have all now received a note to explain the arrangements. If your child attends Rainbows on that afternoon but is not due to attend school this year, their day will remain unchanged.

 Children that are attending Bishopstoke will have their class visit with Auntie Avril on Tuesday 4th July. We need all of you to meet at the school gates with your children at 0920.  We will make arrangements with you personally if your child is due to attend preschool that day and you wish them to attend Rainbows afterwards.

If your child is attending a different school to these, please ensure you pass on Jacqui or Lynn’s phone number to discuss the transition into school.

On Monday 19th June the school photographer will be here for the school leavers photo. If your child does not attend on a Monday afternoon please feel free to bring them in for 1.30pm.

We have another Bags 2 School collection on Tuesday 11th July. Please start saving any old and unwanted clothes etc. It is a really good way of adding to our fundraising pot! We do not have the room to store your bags in advance of this day though!

Our preschool picnic will be on Thursday 20th July at Rainbows. It would be lovely for as many of as possible to attend. If your child is at Rainbows and you are not able to join us, the aunties will take responsibility for your child.

The school leavers party will be on Friday 21st July at 0945. Invitations will be sent out soon.

Please can we also ask you if possible to apply your child’s suncream before Rainbows. It saves us a lot of time and the children can get outside quicker.

Can we also ask that sensible shoes are worn to school. No flip flops or crocs please.

Your child’s End of Term Summaries will be available for you to read on Tapestry. Your keyperson will organise a convenient time with you to chat about the summary and finalise any paperwork that is required for school.

Once your child leaves Rainbows you will be unable to access their Tapestry account. If you wish to print off any pictures or observations you will need to do this before 31st August. Instructions are as follows:-

Click on your child

Click on ‘View Journal’

Click on required photo

Click on ‘Export’

Download PDF

Open and Print

Alternatively, once you have clicked on required photo you can right hand click, Save Image onto your hard drive or USB.

If you have any concerns with any of the above information please do not hesitate to speak to one of us!

Many thanks

Jacqui, Lynn and team

 Jacqui:- 0776 032 5530 and Lynn:- 0777 357 4550



Newsletter April 2017

Newsletter April 2017

Dear Parents

Hopefully you have had a lovely Easter break and managed to enjoy the nice weather and not eaten too much chocolate!

We always find that this last term before the Summer break is a very busy one, so apologies for lots of dates and information we need to tell you about.

There are more parents and children joining Rainbows this term, so please help us make them feel welcome and at ease.

Rainbows has recently become a Ltd company and therefore our banking details have changed. However, we will be keeping our old account running until the end of July. If you have direct debits already in place then you do not need to change the details if you would prefer not to. If you are going to pay by BACS for the first time, our details are as follows-

Rainbows Pre-school Ltd

Sort code:- 52 21 18

Account number:- 22694641

As you are now all aware, we will be moving at the end of 2017 to our new hall. Hooray! The parish council have asked for some ideas for the name; sticking with the Woodland theme that is part of the estate already, let us know if you have any good ideas.

A reminder that we will be closed on bank holiday Monday 1st May, Thursday 4th May for local elections and Thursday 8th June for the General Election.

On Friday 5th May, Emily Bran, James’ Mummy, will be bringing her veterinary nursing skills into school. Hopefully lots of hands on and fun for everyone.

We will be providing Nivea Sun Cream 50+ for all children. If you prefer your child to use something different please label their bottle and place it in the basket by the main door. There will also be a basket for labelled sun hats. We do have spare sun hats if you forget.

As in previous years we have organised four visits from Jon Gibbens of First Touch Football. All children that are here on his visits will join in the fun, but we wish to encourage all our school leavers to bring a change of clothes, a t-shirt and shorts. Our aim is to enable them to change into their PE kit independently, and back again into their normal clothes. Please make a note of all the dates!

We have also secured two visits from Miss Sue, dance teacher. No change of clothes is required.

All the dates that you will need to make a note of will be at the bottom of this newsletter. PE dates and Miss Sue, dance teacher dates are also on display in the glass cabinet in the entrance hall. Sessions will be before and after the half term holiday in May.

Hopefully all school leavers will now have a confirmed place. Please let us know your school of acceptance.

At the moment we have only one visit booked in from the local schools. We will, however, endeavour to book in a visit from all relevant schools.  Mrs Hughes, from FOIS, will be visiting the children on Wednesday 24th May at 1.30pm. She will include all children in her discussions!

May we also give you a few suggestions in readiness for school. The children really need to become independent bottom wipers! The teachers and assistants will not be able to give them the time and attention in the toilets that we can.

Rhyming is also an important part of developing their reading and writing skills along with physical activities, such as visits to parks. Children should have daily access to some form of physical exercise and using the climbing frames and swings encourages their upper body muscles to develop in preparation for writing.

We did not run our summer holiday club last year due to lack of interest, but if any of you would like any childcare during the summer holidays and would be interested please come and speak to Jacqui or Lynn. In previous years we have opened 3 days per week maximum. The cost would be the same as our fees now, £28.80 per day.


For the children that are staying with us for the next academic year, we will be approaching you soon with a suggestion of days and hours September. This is a really busy time of year for us so please bear with us.

Many thanks

Jacqui and Lynn


Dates for your diary until end of term in July

Monday 1st May – Bank holiday

Monday 8th May @ 1.30 Football fun

Thursday 4th May – School closed for local elections

Tuesday 16th May @ 1.30 – Football fun

Tuesday 23rd May @ 11am – Dancing

Wednesday 24th May @ 1.30 – Visit from Mrs Hughes, FOIS

Half term – 29th May – 2nd June

Friday 9th June @ 11am – Dancing

Tuesday 13th June @ 1.30 – Football fun

Monday 19th June @ 1.30 – Group photos for school leavers

Monday 26th June @ 1.30 – Football fun

Thursday 20th July – last day of term

Friday 21st July – Party day for school leavers (more info later)

Newsletter March 2017

Newsletter March 2017

Dear Parents

Welcome back after our short break.

We have decided to appoint a deputy, and we are sure that you will all be pleased to know that Auntie Sarah Palmer (green apron) is going to take on this role. She is our most senior member of staff and already fulfils lots of the role of a deputy. If Jacqui and Lynn are not available please speak to Auntie Sarah Palmer.

We hope you have now had a chance to talk to your keyperson about your child’s progress but can we please remind you to leave a comment on the summary.

As Tapestry was relatively new to us last year, we happily took lots of photos and wrote lots of observations. We appreciate that for parents you really enjoy looking at your child’s journal, unfortunately we cannot sustain the amount we have been doing. Your keyperson will be making on average 2 observations per week, but only when they are linked to your child’s next steps.

Safeguarding is always one of our main concerns at Rainbows. Jacqui and Lynn have recently refreshed their management level safeguarding and we need to just remind you of a couple of points.

We will not allow any person to enter the building whilst on their mobile phone. Please turn it off or finish your conversation outside.

All bumps and scratches will be recorded without exception. When you notify us of a bruise or bump etc we will require you to complete our Incident before school form. Please do not take this personally, it is a legal requirement that we must comply with.

Online safety is also important for you and your children at home. We have been advised to inform all parents of this particular website:

There is a poster on the washing line with more information.

On Thursday 9th March at 2pm, we will be having a visit again from Hampshire Music Services. On their previous visit they did lots of interactive musical activities with the children. If you would also like to take part you are  welcome to come to preschool just before 2pm.

There will be no preschool on Thursday 4th May due to the local elections.

Finally, as our move to the new hall is at the end of this year, we have to begin to organise our opening hours. We appreciate that for many of you, the school run will be an issue.

Below there is a selection of opening and closing times, and for those of you that will be moving with us we really need your requirements. Some of you will be entitled to 30hours funding as of September, (both parents working and earning more than £16,000) but those of you who will only be entitled to 15 hours this would impact on the hours you choose. We also may not be in a position of offer 30hrs to many children. We can charge if you are only entitled to 15 hrs but require more.

We aim to open Monday-Friday all day.

Please circle the starting and opening times you would prefer. If you do not wish to pay any extra fees and are not entitled to 30hrs, your 15hrs needs to be spread over 3 days as it is at present.


Start     8am     0830     0845    9am     0915

Finish   2pm     2.30      2.45     3pm     3.15      3.30     3.45     4pm..

Obviously we have to look at the overall needs of all the parents, we will not be opening and closing numerous times a day! We will make a decision on the majority requirements.

We will have our own non pack away nursery room with access to our own outside enclosed area. We will have heating that works and more parking spaces!

We appreciate that this can be quite confusing, we are happy to talk through any concerns.

Thank you for your continued support.

Many thanks

Jacqui, Lynn and team